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Anti-Semitism and Racial Intolerance cannot be Ignored

I received an email at the Legislature forwarding an offensive Facebook post that circulated around the county on Tuesday and Wednesday. The post contains inflammatory messages about the presence of immigrants and religious groups within one Clarkstown community and states the writer's fear that their presence will destroy the primarily Caucasian community.

The tenor of this Facebook rant is very upsetting and it is reflective of an undercurrent of baseless information and rumors that began with an issue affecting the local school district. It is incumbent upon all members of our community to recognize that prejudice, hatred and inflammatory remarks serve no legitimate purpose. Those who try to instill fear through ignorance have traditionally failed because a civilized society eventually recognizes the bias and prejudice for what it is. Even though most people understand this basic concept, we cannot allow such conduct to continue without being challenged.

I call upon leaders in every community and the leaders of every local religious institution to speak out against those preaching racial and religious intolerance. Those who insist on instilling fear through prejudice and ignorance should find no support in Clarkstown, Rockland County or in the United States of America.”

Posted on 26 May 2014, 21:17 - Category: In the News

Legislator Kantrowitz Speaks Out Against United Water Rate Hike Request


Last night I spoke at the evening session of the Public Service Commission hearing on United Water’s request for a 29% rate increase. I opposed both the requested rate hike and the recent Administrative Law Judges’ decision which recommended a 15% increase.

I quoted from the scathing report of the New York State Department’s Utility Intervention Unit (UIU) which stated that its investigation “discovered several significant instances of fiscally imprudent and inappropriate managerially conduct,” and that “[M]any issues on record show management’s inability to provide a standard level of service when compared to other New York utilities.” The request for a huge rate increase is unconscionable given the reported failures of United Water’s management. Granting any increase at all would be inappropriate until such time as United Water improves its management and establishes a record of compliance with proper practices. I urge everyone to read the UIU which can be found online here:

Last night’s meeting was only to address the requested rate hike. Upcoming hearings will address the proposed desalination plant which would also cost ratepayers dearly. Please exercise your right to be heard when additional United Water cases are scheduled for a Public hearing,

Posted on 24 Apr 2014, 14:36 - Category: In the News

Legislature Approves Kantrowitz Resolution On School District Oversight

New City, NY  (March 19, 2014) – The Rockland County Legislature passed a resolution sponsored by Legislator Barry Kantrowitz (District 5/New City-Pomona) that supports bills introduced in the State Legislature, that if passed would establish the “New York State School Taxpayers’ Protection Act” and a process to address charges that may arise concerning financial improprieties within public school districts outside of NYC.

Assembly bill A.1328 and Senate bill S.1781 recommend, among other things, the creation of an independent state agency, the Office of the Inspector General for Education.  The IG would have the authority to investigate allegations of corruption, financial improprieties, unethical misconduct or other criminal conduct within public school districts outside of NYC.   The bills also would incorporate extensive financial safeguards and sanctions for violations of school district finance laws.

Legislator Kantrowitz said, “This bill increases the financial reporting requirements, protects whistleblowers, and establishes a statutory framework to deal with corruption and fiscal mismanagement in school districts throughout the state.  The cost of this needed oversight should be covered and exceeded by the savings that will come from reduced incidents of fraud and improper conduct.” The bill also proposes to curtail unfunded state mandates, which Kantrowitz said, “should ease the financial burden on districts and local tax payers.”


Posted on 20 Mar 2014, 13:18 - Category: In the News

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