Year 2017

Day 05: Campaign Photos
Day 05: Vacation Photos
Day 05: Kids Photos
Day 05: Family Photos


Year 2015

Day 0: Vote NO on the Proposed Ward System for Clarkstown!
Day 1: Clarkstown Politics: Don't vote based upon Fear and Misinformation
Day 1: Vote for Chris Martone in District 5
Day 2: Please vote to re-elect Sheriff Lou Falco!


Year 2014

Day 19: Kantrowitz will not support Veto Override on Bus Washing


Day 26: Anti-Semitism and Racial Intolerance cannot be Ignored
Day 31: Legislator Kantrowitz Seeks Governor's Assistance to Secure Fiscal Monitor for ERCSD
Day 31: Legislator Barry Kantrowitz’ Response to the County Executive’s Call for a Change in the Law relating to the Deficit Bond Premium


Day 1: My Thoughts and Prayers are with the Families of the 3 Murdered Israeli Teens
Day 13: Barry Kantrowitz' Comments On the Death of 3 Israeli Teens at the Full Legislature Meeting July 1 2014


Day 5: Legislature Passes Kantrowitz Resolution Supporting State Enterprise Fraud Program Office


Day 12: Kantrowitz Concedes Election as Results certified (51% to 49%)
Day 19: Legislator Kantrowitz Recognizes Local Couple for Good Deeds


Day 8: Legislator Barry Kantrowitz speaks out on Rockland County Charter Reform
Day 21: Kantrowitz Community Connection Newsletter Summer 2014


Day 6: Update on New Hempstead Road Snow Removal
Day 11: County Legislature Passes Kantrowitz Resolution on Medicaid Fraud
Day 20: Legislature Approves Kantrowitz Resolution On School District Oversight


Day 3: Motion To Appoint Barry S. Kantrowitz, To Fill Vacancy In L.D.5
Day 3: Barry Kantrowitz Legislature appointment acceptance speech
Day 3: Barry Kantrowitz's Legislature appointment News Clippings


Day 5: Legislator Kantrowitz' Comments on the Budget at the December 4th 2014 Legislature Meeting


Day 22: Re: "Rockland's bonds come at a price" (Journal News April 6, 2014)
Day 24: Legislator Kantrowitz Speaks Out Against United Water Rate Hike Request


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